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What we do

VerumView is a unique, real-time, API-based KYC service. Unlike traditional credit bureaus and other database-dependent solutions, our service uses a unique data source - the contents of the end-user’s email inbox.

Almost every action we take in both the online and offline worlds has a reflection in our inbox in one form or another. By learning how to read these signs, VerumView™ provides identity verification, credit data and business insights in a single package.

Once integrated into the user journey, the provided data points are used as part of your decision-making process for fraud detection, credit assessment, affordability checks, AML and other regulatory checks, especially suited for end users with thin (or non-existent) credit files.

How It Works


A user tries to perform an action
& is offered to connect his mailbox


The user is asked for consent
 (a single click)


The user is redirected back to your
customer journey

Behind the scenes, our engine scans and parses the contents of the inbox
and creates a list of actionable data points which are sent to you via the API.All done in seconds.


accept rate!

Expand the business, experience revenues spike

Mitigate fraud and credit related losses

Assess affordability & financial stability

Meet regulatory requirements

Security & Privacy

The email providers allow VerumView™ access.No credentials are given to VerumView™ at any point.

VerumView™ neither reads users’ emails, nor does it store any raw data.

In highly regulative environments, VerumView™ validates the data that
users are providing.


Quick & easy API integration

Real-time actionable data

Customized data points

No upfront costs

We are currently offering a free trial period, with no installation or set-up fees.